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Kikoman at Room Garden City

Room (Garden City) is glad to invite you to Kikoman concert in Egypt

Kikoman is a new musical duo that features New York based, jazz pianist Takeshi Asai and luminary violinist Megumi Saruhashi. A stunning merge of Takeshi’s keyboard work, his electronics and Megumi’s eclectic, melodic violin! It’s a noble amalgam of two unique, world traveling musicians. Takeshi contributes his mastery of contemporary harmony to the duo. Not only the piano, but also his new creative engine, electronics. Megumi melds with the esthetics of melodies from all around the globe that she finds particularly in Maqam music, such as Arabic music. She draws boundless inspiration from her travels and music dimensions ranging from jazz, Arabic, Turkish music, Argentinian tango, classical, minimalist, to whispers of the infinite and other realms.
Our creative output is anything but predictable and audiences will be drawn into the extremes of free improvisation and compositions, acoustic and electric, modern and classical, old and new. The driving force and the larger vision of the duo is to create a field that exists beyond the social conditioning, belief systems imposed upon us and create music that expresses and opens our senses to feel the subtle currents that run through us.

-Entry at 8:30 pm and the concert starts at 9 pm
-Ticket price 100 le
-Tickets are available at Room and for online booking: