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Illusion show with illusionist Amr Khaled


رووم بتدعوكم لحضور عرض الخدع البصرية مع "عمرو خالد"

عمرو خالد اترشح لجايزة "ميرلن" كأفضل مؤدي ألعاب سحرية في مصر وعمل عروض في دول مختلفة و بيقدم عرض مرئي درامي مبني على تفاعل الجمهور.

اعرف أكتر عن عمرو خالد:
برومو العرض:

-الدخول الساعة 8 ونص والعرض هيبدأ الساعة 9
-سعر التذكرة 50 جنيه
-التذاكر موجودة في رووم وللحجز أونلاين:

● Who Is Amr Khaled? 
- Amr Khaled is an international Award nominated Magician, Illusionist, and Mentalist. His theater show was nominated for "Best Illusionist In Egypt" Merlin Award (which is equivalent to the Oscars Award in Magic) by the International Magicians Society (other members include Criss Angel and David Copperfield) and has toured multiple countries with it. 

●What will be in the show? 
-Amr Khaled presents his originally written and created International Award Nominated act which is a highly visual, directed, dramatic, and audience involving effects with the second part of the show being completely different in style and script. 

One thing is guaranteed, you will witness something you haven't seen before and something unexpected this evening, that might shake your mind a little! 

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-Entry at 8:30 pm and the show starts at 9 pm
-Ticket price: 50 le
-Tickets are available at Room and for online booking: