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SpiralMag & ArtKhana: Restoring the Rhythm

Room has always supported the underground scene, being the heart for uprising artists who still call Room their home.

In an attempt to restore, the rhythm Room has always kept in tune; SpiralMag and Artkhana are bringing together a gig on January 6.

The gig will help in the crowd funding campaign Room's been working on for the past month. Tickets' revenue will be used in sustaining and upgrading Room.

Get yourself ready for a cozy start-off to 2017, for it will be a night full of creative tunes, and mash-ups by Artkhana's music team:

Ahmad Nihad - Vocalist/Guitarist
Mohab Hossam - Oud
Hend El Nagdi - Arabic Vocalist
Engy El Masy - Arabic Vocalist

Duration: 8:30-9:30
Ticket Price: 50LE

For information call Room at: 01000681543 / 01000681539