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Africairo Live at Room Art Space

Room is happy to invite you to a special night of an African spirit with Africairo lead by Ahmed Omar, on Thursday, September 1, at 8pm. 

Ahmed Omar was born in Libya, from an Eritrean Father
and an Egyptian mother, so it is no surprise that mixing
cultures has become a part of his creative output. It was
after his visit to Eritrea in search of his roots that Omar
started to think about the relationships between African
and Oriental music and began to search out musicians
from other traditions to make the music that became
the Africairo project.

The result is a style that is very accessible to listeners
unfamiliar with both African and Oriental music, but
which creates something totally new. A total of 13
musicians have contributed their talents to this work,
including musicians from Eritrea, Sudan, Jordan,
Kuwait and, of course, Egypt. 

The musicians themselves have talked about how this project is
showing them new avenues of expression. For the
listener there is the pleasure of witnessing two cultures come
together in a mix of beautiful melodies and irresistible

Troupe members: 
• Ahmed Omar : Bass Guitar and Tambur
• Asia Madani : Calabash ,Daluka and Vocal
• Ashraf Awad: Oud
• Amir Ezzat: Percussions
• Mostafa Elattar : Violin
• Bob: Percussions
• Nader el-Shaer: Kuala / Ney
• Fady Badr: Qanoun

To know more about Africairo:

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Ticket Price: EGP 50