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NAR" (Portugal / Russia / Egypt) live at Room

(Portugal / Russia / Egypt)

NAR is an international project
dedicated to traditional medieval and folk music
of Europe and the Mediterranean. 

The band was masterminded by two multi-instrumentalists, 
Graca Carvalho (Portugal) and Dimitry Rusi (Russia),
together with an Egyptian trio of Ahmed el Sayed (guitar),
Ashraf Tarek and Mohamed Adel (percussion).

The quintet interprets a broad range of traditional tunes,
from old Iberian music of 10th-12th centuries to modern Gypsy melodies
together with Egyptian folklore and classical songs.

Graca Carvalho - violin, flutes, vocals
Dimitry Rusi - oud, buzuk, rababa, vocals
Ahmed el Sayed - guitar
Ashraf Tarek - percussion
Mohamed Adel - percussion

50LE including 1 soft drink (fresh juice, cola or water)

دلوقتي ممكن تحجز طرابيزتك/مكانك للحفلة في رووم بالتليفون .. اتصل علي ٠١٠٠٠٦٨١٥٣٩
Now you can reserve your table/spot at Room for the concert by simply calling 01000681539

or from this link: