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4th edition Cinephilia Filmmakers to Watch Series

Room Art Space is proud to host the 4th edition Cinephillia Filmmakers to Watch Series 2016 on Sunday 4th of December 8pm

RESERVATION IS REQUIRED Please use the link belowe to reserve your spot

. L'ÉCHAPPÉE by Hamid Saïdji & Jonathan Mason (Algeria) 
. MARIAM by Faiza Ambah (Saudi Arabia/France)
. NEW EYES by Hiwot Admasu (Ethiopia)
. SOUTH POLE/GÜNEY KUTBU by Emin Akpinar (Turkey) 
. THE RIFLE, THE JACKAL, THE WOLF, AND THE BOY by Oualid Mouaness (Lebanon)

Program curated by Darine Hotait (filmmaker/Cinephilia Productions founder)

# L'ÉCHAPPÉE (Algeria)
Co-Directed by Hamid Saïdji & Jonathan Mason
Produced by Claire Mazeau-Karoum & Tewfik Rays
Cast: Saïd Aït Ali Saïd, Mouni Boullam, Anis Bosli, Moussa Chikh, Samir Saidani

A kaleidoscopic journey through the streets of Algiers in Hocine Filali’s ramshackle taxi. With dreams of setting sail for a better life in Italy, Hocine will first have to escape the grip of this magical city and its colorful cast of characters.

Running Time: 20 minutes
Country of Production: Algeria
Language: Arabic/French/Italian with English Subtitles

Canal + Award for Best Short Film – Cinémed 2016

# MARIAM (Saudi Arabia/France)
Written & Directed by Faiza Ambah
Cast: Oulaya Amamra, Lou Lévy, Ahmed Hafiene
Produced by Silvio Saade & Jérome Bleitrach

French Muslim teenager, Mariam, must choose between her hijab & school when France passes a law in 2004 banning religious symbols from public schools. A rare portrait of the coming-of-age of a Muslim teen, the themes of Islamophobia, the diversity of the Muslim experience, the choice of some Muslim women to wear the hijab, and the assimilation and acceptance of Muslims in the West.

Running Time: 44 minutes
Country of Production: Saudi Arabia/France
anguage: French with English Subtitles

Awards & festivals
Dubai International Film Festival – Winner Muhr Special Jury Prize for Best Short
UNESCO Commemoration of the 2015 international Day of Peace

# NEW EYES (Ethiopia)
Written & Directed by Hiwot Admasu
Cast: Selam Fidaku, Berite Eshetu, Surafel Tsegaye, Feven Teshome
Produced by Les Films de L’après-Midi, François d’Artemare

A young girl on the threshold of puberty is facing an event that will trouble her for the first time. As the day unfolds, her unconscious mingles with her agitation, in the semi-urban environment that surrounds her.

Running Time: 13 minutes
Country of Production: Ethiopia
Language: Amharic with English Subtitles

Seattle Film Festival
Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), Canada
37th Durban International Film Festival — AWARD
45th International Film Festival Rotterdam
39th International Short movie Festival Clermont-Ferrand
11th African film festival of Lausanne
Biennale, International Film Festival, Italy
Matatu Film Festival, California
CinemAfrica Film Festival
Carthage International Film Festival, Tunisia
MOOOV – Film facing the world

Written, Produced & Directed by Emin Akpinar
Cast: Ayberk Attila, Tülay Bekret, Özkan Ayalp

Muhsin, a retired and simple man, lives in an old house with his wife. One day, while watching the news on television, he sees his own mug shot. The reporter claims that Muhsin is the head of a terrorist group, and he is going to be killed during the protests that day.

Running Time: 5 minutes
Country of Production: Turkey
Language: Turkish with English Subtitles

Beirut International Film Festival - Special Mention Award
Sao Paolo Entretodos Curtas -Special Mention Award
Seattle Turkish Film Festival- 2nd Runner Up
22nd Med Film Festival Rome
Athens International Short Film Festival
İzmir Kısa Film Festivali (Turkey)
Balkans Beyond Borders, (Athens, Sofia)
Festival On Wheels (Turkey)

Written & Directed by Oualid Mouaness
Cast: Jad Badran, Fidel Badran, Ali Mneimneh, Layal Ghanem
Produced by Jinane Chaaya & Oualid Mouaness

Two brothers cross the line when they use a household rifle without their father’s consent to unexpected consequences.

Running Time: 19 minutes
Country of Production: Lebanon
Language: Arabic with English Subtitles

Oscars Shortlist Live-Action Short Film Category
Adana Int’l Film Festival Mediterranean Short Film Competition Sept 2016 - TURKEY
Tangier International Fillm Festival (in competition) Sept 2016 – MOROCCO
Beirut International Film Festival – October 2016 - LEBANON
Arab Film Festival - USA
Cinemed Int’l Mediterranean Film Festival Montpellier
Curta Cinema – Rio De Janiero International Short Film Festival
Tehran International Short Film Festival
Baghdad International Film Festival
Cairo Int’l Film Fest – Cinema of Tomorrow Short Film Competition
Gijon Intenational Film Festival – SPAIN

Minimum order: 25 LE