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NAR a night of folk & gypsy music


We would like to invite to a night of folk and gypsy music with NAR. 

NAR is an international project
dedicated to traditional and folk music of
Europe, the Orient and the Mediterranean.

Ahmed el Sayed - guitar
Amr Darwish - violin
Baher Osama - percussion
Ashraf Tarek - percussion
Dimitry Rusi - oud, buzuk, rababa

Ticket Price: EGP 50

For more information call ROOM at: 
01000681543 / 01000681539

الحفلة تبدأ الساعة 8م
سعر التذكرة: ٥٠ جنيه

وللاستفسار كلم رووم على: 01000681543 / 01000681539