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Kayan Band concert حفل فريق كيان

تتشرف رووم باستضافة حفل فريق كيان يوم السبت ٢٧ يونيو 
الساعه ٩ مساء

٨٠ تذكره فقط

سعر التذكره ٣٥ جنيه

This energetic and talented group out of Cairo in Egypt started at the beginning of 2008. Having met each other through talent shows, friends and the underground music circuit in Cairo the group was eventually formed.

Since then they have performed all over Egypt at concerts, festivals and gigs

Sherif El Shazly: Lead Vocals
- Mohamed Samir: Guitars
- Mohamed Salem: Bass Guitar
- Adham Nassef : Drums
- Mostafa Fathi : Producer/Sound Engineer

Ticket 35 LE