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The Tentmakers of Cairo: premiere screening @ Room عرض خاص لفيلم "صناع الخيام" في رووم

يتشرف رووم باستضافة عرض خاص لفيلم "صناع الخيام" بحضور مخرجه كيم بيميش يوم الاتنين الموافق ١١ مايو في تمام الساعه ٨ مساء

ROOM invites you to a special screening of the feature documentary 'The Tentmakers of Cairo' followed by a Q & A with the film's director  Kim Beamish.

بعد نجاح العرض الأول عالميا في مهرجان بريستيجس فيجينز دو رييل في سويسرا و حصوله علي جوائز عده نتشرف بعرض الفيلم في القاهره 

After the success of our world premiere at the prestigious Visions du Reel Film Festival in Nyon, Switzerland and after being awarded the Prix Buyens-Chagoll we look forward to showing you our film here in Egypt

"صناع الخيام" يدفعنا لقلب القاهره الاسلاميه و منطقة الخياميه تحديدا بعين مخرج الفيلم كيم بيميش. كيم قضي ٣ سنوات ـ٢٠١١-٢٠١٤) و سط صناع الخيم و صنع هذا الفيلم عن كفاحهم للحفاظ علي حرفتهم

This documentary brings us to the heart of Islamic Cairo, to ‘Khayameya’ also known as the Tent Market, where a group of Egyptian artisans make a living of the ancient pharaonic art of patchwork. Australian documentary maker Kim Beamish spent three turbulent years – from 2011 until 2014 – in the shops and ateliers of the tentmakers . He made a film about Egypt's struggle with democracy through the lives of the small community of artists striving to maintain their ancient art form.

This film takes the viewer on a journey into a part of Egypt many will never visit, well beyond the Pyramids and papyrus, away from the square and behind the images seen on the nightly news. This is Egypt’s revolution through the eyes of a group of Egyptians who are not only struggling to maintain their culture, but also simply trying to survive.

مدة عرض الفيلم: ٩٤ دقيقه
الدعوه مجانيه
عربي مترجم بالانجليزيه*

Duration: 94 minutes
Language: Arabic with English subtitles
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