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Procession Towards the Unknown

Procession Towards the Unknown

Ambient avant garde music that strives to guide both performer and listener towards altered states of perception. It is Halloween so wear your costume if you will.

Sammy Sayed - Vocal, Chants, and throat singing.
Sherif Elias - Keyboards.
Cherif El-Masri - Synth.

Aya Hemeda - Vocal and Bells.
Alan Bishop - Sax and Trumpet.
Dimitry El Demerdashi - Upright Bass, Rababa, and Throat singing.
Graça Carvalho - Violin, Flutes, and Vocal.

Adham Zidan - Guitar, Synth, FX.
Mina Wardakhan - Percussion.

Michel Khater - Drums.

Sandrine Pelletier - Automatic Drawing.

Ticket 35LE
التذكره ٣٥